Solo Stove’s Best-Selling Fire Pits Now Available in 5 Nature-Inspired Colors

Get fired up with Solo Stove’s colorful new fire pits.

(Solo Stove)

Solo Stove is heating up the allure of its signature smokeless fire pits with the launch of an Elemental Color Series.

The outdoor brand’s bestselling fire pits—typically wrapped in industrial-chic stainless steel–now come in five new hues for the Yukon, Bonfire and Ranger models, marking the first time Solo Stove has offered a color coating on any of its products.

The five colorways–Ash, Clay, Sand, Soil and Water–are inspired by natural elements and meant to inject some muted pop into your backyard fire pit set-up, as well as provide more options to better match outdoor decor.

Solo Stove’s Product Development team toiled for more than two years to find the ideal ceramic coating material for the Elemental Series that would both withstand high heat and hold up to year-round outdoor wear and tear.

Take a look at the brand’s latest fire pit colorways below:

Water (Solo Stove)
Sand (Solo Stove)
Clay (Solo Stove)
Ash (Solo Stove)
Soil (Solo Stove)