Sometimes You Need A Hovercraft

The Renegade Hovercraft is the offspring of an ATV, a bushplane and a jetski, and cooler than all three.

Sometimes, you need a true all-terrain vehicle; others, you just want a personal hovercraft because of that scene with Jackie Chan in Rumble in the Bronx. In either case, you’re going to want something capable and maneuverable, like Renegade’s two-person hovercraft. A bonded, aircraft-style structure will survive bumps and scrapes (most hovercraft drivers are new hovercraft drivers) while a carbon and Kevlar hull will never warp, thus maintaining a solid cushion of air between your craft and any flat surface. The powerful, four-stroke AeroDrive propulsion motor is good for a cruising speed of 30 mph with bursts up to 50, should you want to race the other hovercrafts in the neighborhood. And should grandmother truly live over a river and through the woods, a Renegade Hovercraft is the perfect vehicle for a holiday visit (provided Gram’s house is within a 150 mile radius). [$34,000;]

Photos by Renegade Hovercraft