The Sony A7ii is the Best Big Camera You Can Buy

It’s all about the full frame and five-axis stabilization.

For hardcore camera users, the appeal of the Alpha A7 ii can be condensed into a solid nerd-tastic sentence: It is one of the smallest full-frame interchangeable lens cameras in existence (only the previous A7 models are as small), and the first to feature 5-axis image stabilization.

If that makes any sense, you can stop reading For the rest, here’s why it’s the best big camera you can currently buy.

First, there’s the full-frame thing. For years, full-frame cameras, whose image sensors are as large as a traditional frame of 35mm film, were limited to professional photographers. The result—a noticeable leap in image detail per pixel, compared to standard digital camera sensors—might have been a universal benefit, but only a working shooter could justify the added price and bulk. Sony’s original A7 helped bring full-frame to the mainstream, packing a massive 24-megapixel sensor into a compact mirrorless camera (which are smaller than DSLRs) for less than $2000. Now, the A7 ii adds 5-axis stabilization to the mix, actively moving the sensor to counter movement, to ensure that those ultra detailed photos are also ultra sharp. The slim form factor, streamlined design and stunning images make it the interchangeable lens camera to beat. $1700 (body only);