Sony Launches 63-Foot 16K Crystal LED TV That Costs More Than $5 Million

This could be the most epic home theater ever.


For anyone who has the means and the room, Sony wants to make the term “home theater” more realistic than ever. That seems to be the reasoning behind the electronics giant making the 63-foot 16K resolution Crystal LED display system, which it introduced for business and (actual) theater use in April, available for residential customers.

Sony’s Crystal LED tech works with 16 x 18 inch micro-LED modules, a structure very similar to Samsung’s Onyx LED system. It’s more luminous than OLED, which permits supernaturally sharp images with lifelike color. 

Here are the technical details, from Sony’s release:

  • HDR with high brightness (1,000 nits)
  • 10-bit grayscale
  • Precise color reproduction
  • Extraordinary color gamut – 140 percent of sRGB
  • High frame rates up to 120p
  • Nearly 180-degree viewing angle
  • Spectacular 3D
  • Non-standard aspect ratios
  • 99 percent black surface area for delivering high contrast and high resolution

Basically, you’ll feel like you could just step inside the thing.


Since it’s modular, making the Crystal LED 63 feet wide is just one choice. Sony can configure it in whatever way a buyer wants. Sample setups are predicated on just how intense you want the experience to be. For example: If you just want to keep it at a cozy 8K, then 288 modules will stack for 32 feet x 18 feet. 

Going the full 16K? Stack 576 modules for the 63-foot epic home cinema feel. 

Thing is, those modules or blocks go for $10,000 each. The minimum you’d pay then for a 4K set up (8 feet x 4 feet) is about $720,000. It’s the whole shebang that runs about $5.8 million.

As to when consumers will be able to buy this monster, Sony hasn’t released that info or the exact pricing yet, and while they are showing it at venues like the just-completed CEDIA Expo in Denver, there’s no word on when it will actually be available for purchase.