Sony Reveals Massive 17-Foot-Tall Ultra HD TV

It’s bigger than a bus and has 64 times more pixels than a standard 1080p TV.

The Crystal LED

The Big TV Wars are getting crazy. 

Okay, we don’t know if the companies making those TVs are aware they are at war, but it certainly seems so because everyone just keeps rolling out higher resolution and huge TVs. Samsung introduced The Wall earlier this year (see below) and now the latest is Sony’s huge MicroLED display above. It measures an astounding 17 feet high by 63 feet long.

Samsung’s “The Wall”

The BBC reported Wednesday on Sony’s reveal in Japan and compared the TV’s size to a bus. But perhaps more impressive from a tech point of view isn’t the size—it’s the resolution. The “Crystal LED”—as the electronics giant calls it—bears an insanely sharp 16K screen resolution. 

This means the panel TV has 16 times the pixels found in a 4K UHD display and 64 times the pixels in 1080p resolution.

A TV with the Crystal LED’s dimensions isn’t built in one piece, of course, but reportedly pieced together out of bezel-free panels.

The truth is, what Sony just previewed is really much more likely to be the future of movie screens. The combination of almost impossibly high resolution with theatrical imagery will be irresistible to Hollywood. 

The Wall in action

Samsung’s Wall doesn’t have that much to worry about, after all.

So no, this monster won’t fit in your living room, but don’t be shocked if you one day watch yet another Marvel movie premiere on one at the local cineplex.