Sony to Unveil PlayStation Neo Console On September 7th

‘No Man’s Sky’ just got a massive upgrade.

The upgraded PS console is expected to be featured at Sony's 9/7 event (Photo: Sony Interactive Entertainment)

As part of Sony’s confirmed media event in New York City on September 7th, it’s expected that they’ll finally take the wraps off their highly anticipated PlayStation upgrade.

Known as the PS 4.5 (for its incremental hardware upgrade to the PS4), the PS 4K (for its ultra-high def capabilities) and “Neo” (cause why the hell not), the console will boast faster processing, graphics and memory. Although it won’t replace the PS4, it’ll majorly support and substantiate the upcoming PS VR headset.

Plus, just imagine how it would “fundamentally change” the No Man’s Sky experience as that game’s creator told the Daily Star and hinted at in the IGN video below:

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Based on a leak on Spain’s Amazon site last month, we can guess that Neo will actually be released in October for $450. But that’s just a guess.

One thing’s for sure: Between Sony, Apple, Nintendo and others expected to make major announcements in early September, next month will be huge for dispelling long-standing rumors. So stay tuned…