This Portable Speaker Is a Block Party in a Box

Hope your neighbors (and their neighbors) have earplugs.

It's durable

In terms of pure decibels, the battery-powered Soundboks speaker is right on par with a real live rock concert. But this 40-pounder’s durability and stamina are what make it truly special. After all, we’ve seen/heard other super loud portable speakers before.

This thing’ll not only blast out music loud enough for people in neighboring towns to hear, but it’ll do so for a while. On a three-hour charge, it’s rated to play for between 8 hours (amplified at full blast) and an amazing 100 (at “regular” volume). Plus it’s made tough to withstand water, sand, snow and whatever else you throw at it.

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Almost a thousand backers have helped blast its Kickstarter campaign way past goal. And you can pick one up (bend at the knees) for $499, a generous $200 off expected retail. In fact, you might as well add on the optional $79 off-roading, gear-tying, bottle-opening Soundtruck with telescoping handle for easier transport.

It’s expected to arrive in June, just in time to rock the beach, boat, woods and everywhere else under the summer sun.