The Strongest Multi-Tool You Can Slip in Your Wallet

Tougher than nails and super functional.
Cha-o-Ha's Everyday Carry Card Special Edition is a tougher-than-nails multi-tool that'll not only perform 30+ functions but last forever.

The more functions the better, as long as all of the functions are still...functioning. No problem for the Special Edition EDC Card ($80). It not only sports all the screw driving, bolt tightening and (of course) bottle popping you'd imagine amongst its laundry list of dozens of fine features. But at nearly 3mm thick, this first-of-its-kind S35VN stainless steel card is pretty much the toughest card-shaped multi-tool out there. Like its predecessor, it's TSA-compliant. But this version is non-reflective, thanks to a weapons-grade ceramic coating, upon which the various tool sizes have conveniently been laser etched.

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So no matter what project you want to take on, wherever you are, it's ready to go.

Photos by Cha-O-Ha Design