The Sports Car of Sleds

The F1-inspired Snolo Scion hits tops speeds of 40mph and invokes the envy of everyone else on the mountain.

In 2012, New Zealand-based Snolo released the Stealth X, a $3,000 carbon fiber sled meant for high performance downhilling. It was a hell of a creation, reaching cheek-puckering speeds and cornering like a sports car. Too bad its $3,000 price tag — more than triple the price of a good snowboard — made it an absurd purchase for anyone not in the diehard sledding set. The new Snolo Scion, on Kickstarter now, offers the same handling and holy-shit speeds at nearly one-tenth the price. Taking cues from motorsports design, the 16.5-pound sled looks downright fiendish, with a finned, fully-customizable monocoque body made from a high-density, waterproof polyethylene, a wide, stable front ski and snow biting, stainless steel runners. The fabric-lined F1-inspired chair, in which you’ll sit, perched low, boots placed on the foot pegs, leaning slightly to initiate turns, is reinforced with impact-absorbing foam. You’ll definitely need the cushioning: The Scion skids down the mountain at speeds upwards of 40mph. [starting at $384;]