These Quick Change Snow Goggles Can Actually Make You Happier

No, really.

You’ve been brainwashed to believe that all blue light is bad. But long-wave blue light is known to produce serotonin in the brain, which can contribute to an uplifted mood and increased alertness.

Why the science lesson? Because otherwise you’d look at us funny if we told you Spy’s new Ace snow goggles ($110-$130) come with a bonus “Happy” lens. It’s the only lens capable of blocking the sun’s harmful rays and bad blue light, but letting the good stuff in—all while offering superior color and contrast enhancement.

Although they have other features to keep you comfortable and confident on the slopes, the biggest other thing to note about these helmet-compatible goggles is that they offer an effective and affordable quick-change system, as seen in this video:

Photos by Spy Optic