The Ferocious Spyderco SzaboHawk Is A Hatchet And Hammer In One

Part hammer, part hatchet—all awesome.


The Spyderco SzaboHawk is a thoroughly modern tomahawk that’s “designed to excel both as both a tool and a close combat weapon”. In other words, this high-end hatchet is just as suited for chopping wood as it is for hacking up bloodthirsty zombies. 

Designed by Laci Szabo, the $349 SzaboHawk is constructed from .300-inch-thick D2 tool steel. It features a curved handle with a center of balance approximately mid-handle, making it faster in your hand than traditional head-heavy ‘hawks.

A hammer poll on the opposite side of the head is perfect for pounding, and the tool helpfully “provides a blunt-impact option during close combat.” The entire blade is coated in black titanium carbonitride that protects from corrosion and eliminates reflection.

The handle butt also doubles as a handy pry bar for those hard to open paint cans, in case you’ve got work to do after all that tomahawk mayhem.