This Insane Laser-Sighted Tactical Slingshot Hunts Game With Scary Accuracy

Holy crap.

SS-12 Slingshot
Photo: Assolar/Amazon

When we first saw footage of “The Pocket Hammer,” a survival slingshot that can shoot projectiles at 350 per second, we were sure we were witnessing the best in elastic-propelled handheld weaponry.

But the Assolar SS-12 might just be even more badass. 

Image: Amazon/Assolar

Equipped with an infrared laser sight for pinpoint accuracy, it seriously beefs up the power of your standard sling shot with the addition of a spring-loaded mechanism, allowing users to shoot projectiles at ridiculously high velocities.

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Image: Amazon/Assolar

You can load it with BBs, small steel slugs, or rocks. It can even be converted to shoot arrows using tools included in the kit. I’ts perfect for target shooting, or even hunting “small varmints”, Mitt Romney-style. Whatever you’re aiming at, this thing is accurate as all get-out. 

Image: Amazon/Assolar

Best of all, this fearsome tactical weapon can be yours for just $90. Buy it on Amazon now, and don’t put your eye out!

h/t: Hi Consumption