The 7 Best Fails From the Star Wars Battlefront Beta

The Force is not with these clowns.

The beta for Star Wars Battlefront, the highly-anticipated Star Wars shooter, has only been running for about a week now, and it’s already spawned a collection of epic and hilarious clips of players totally shitting the bed. Luke Skywalker getting teabagged! The entire game map implodes in on itself! Vader vs a Rebel speeder! These glorious disasters that could only have happened in this fantastic addition to theStar Warsgame universe.

As the beta draws to a close, we’re celebrating with some of the fails floating around the internet. Bask in the glory of the beta and join us in patiently waiting for the Battlefront that Star Wars deserve — and then when you’re done, go ahead and fantasize about how awesome The Force Awakens is going to be. 

Skywalker Gets Teabagged

Ever wanted to teabag Luke Skywalker because he was being such a massive whiny douche? Probably not, but seeing it in action just feels so perfect. Watch as Skywalker gets taken down and an entire squad gets down on some apply-directly-to-the-forehead action. 

Your Lack of Competence is Disturbing


— AnimeMigosDad98 (@thatbitchlando) October 9, 2015

Darth Vader is powerful, exudes confidence, and can clear a room full of scrubs with a wave of his hand. So why is he being pwned so hard by a falling A-Wing suicide pilot in this clip? Those are some answers not even the rebooted Star Wars canon can’t answer. 

Luke Sky-Pancake

Luke Skywalker: Hero, Jedi, and flagship character beloved by Star Wars fans one and all. After all the hard-fought battles, he was absolutely wasted by a walker. I guess that renders the entire Star Wars film continuity invalid? Hopefully he makes a tasty pancake.

Authentic Stormtrooper Aim

As usual, Stormtroopers can’t hit anything to save their lives. Point-blank. Like, dude. I’m sitting right here. You really can’t take me out? Guess this game really is film-authentic.

You’ll Never Know the Power of the Dark Side

This player went through 15 matches and finally got to step into the shoes of Lord Vader himself, only to find that the match ended moments later without the opportunity to ever swing a lightsaber. Heartbreaking? Like you can’t imagine.

Shot Through The Head, And You’re To Blame

This player managed to nab a double headshot with one bullet, using a sniper rifle, no less. This is an interesting sea change from the numerous fails out there, and an impressive move for one lucky Star Wars fan.

Don’t Creep on Vader

This clip proves exactly why you should never attempt to sneak up on Darth Vader. Never mind his insane running speed, but consider the fact that he’ll come after you with his lightsaber and totally own you. Now you know — and knowing is half the battle.