The Stromer ST2 Will Make You Crave An Electric-Assist Bike

It hits a top speed of 30mph and is as teched out as a Tesla.

Electric-assist bikes were once seen as exclusively for out of shape delivery boys — clunky, needless things used only by those desperate for a battery-supplied boost. Any cyclist worth his spandex would never be caught on one. But thanks to advancements in both battery and frame design, the bikes are now powerful performance vehicles. Case in point: the Stromer ST2. The Swiss-made bike boasts a top speed of 30mph and a range of 90 miles per charge.  And it’s as teched out as a Tesla: Below the handlebars is a touchscreen that displays everything from speed to GPS; the bike also communicates with an iPhone app that lets riders eye such stats as battery levels and even lock the back wheel with a quick swipe. But what makes the bike an upgrade is the position of its motor: Much like the terrain-shifting Specialized Turbo, the ST2’s power cell is placed in the top tube instead of on the back wheel, a design element that centers the bike’s weight, allowing better control and cornering. No, you can’t sit back and cruise without putting in any work; instead, the motor only kicks in when you pedal. But when it does, its’ fast as hell. From $6,990;