The Only Lightning Cable Strong Enough to Tow a Car

Say goodbye to broken wires.

The plucky UK connector accessory folks at Echo have a proposition for you: $10 for a lifetime supply of Lightning cable for your Apple charging and syncing pleasure. That’s not a typo. We didn’t say “cables” because they fully intend to make good on that promise with just one cable: their new IronWire.

As you can see from the picture above and in the video below, yep, it’s strong enough to help tow a Mini Cooper. But more importantly, this tangle-free 5-foot cord is fully Apple-certified. And you’re still reading this rather than clicking right over to Indiegogo and ordering several…why??

It’ll be interesting to track how this campaign (which just launched today) plays out—not just to see how popular it is and if it gets funded. But they say that if they can sell 10,000 units quick enough, it’ll not only enable them to keep the price down but also potentially deliver the products even before the campaign ends. Wonder how many cables it’ll take to pull the boat over from Britain…

Photos by Echo Products