Study Shows 42% of Tinder Users Are Probably Cheaters

Is anyone shocked?

The matches you find on Tinder are usually of dubious quality to begin with, but the situation could be even more dire than you originally feared. A recent study from GlobalWebIndex polled 47,000 users and revealed that 30% of those who spend their days swiping are married, while another 12% are in relationships. It’s still an app ruled mainly by young folks, with 38% of users falling in the 16-24 bracket, and 45% aged 25-34. It may not be love at first swipe as you hoped, but at least your date is likely to be a tech-savvy, young adulterer.

So is humanity doomed? Or are locked down partners just browsing, engaging in a little wishful thinking? Or perhaps most optimistic: did they meet someone special and simply forget to delete the app? Who knows, but perhaps now more than ever, approach Tinder’s siren-like red flame with caution.

Photos by Photo by Atsushi Tomura/Getty Images