This Super Brewer Delivers Perfect Coffee Right from Your Tablet

6,000 coffee combinations at your fingertips.

How are you with decisions first thing in the morning? Not good? Then you may want to avoid the Saeco GranBaristo Avanti connected coffee maker ($2,999). To say it offers a plethora of options for your morning java would be an understatement.

Your choices include 16 coffee drinks, five levels of bean grind size and ultimately over 6,000 coffee creation combinations. You order up your favorite cup right from your tablet. The app walks you through each step of the experience. And when you find a favorite blend, you can save it to one of six user profiles.

Other fancy one-touch features include bean switching, splash-free frothing and automatic cleaning. Best of all, it flash-heats your java to get it to the right temperature fast. Make no mistake, this is the Rolls-Royce of coffee makers. It won’t just make you coffee, but also the envy of house guests and professional baristas.

Photos by Philips Group