Super Veloce’s New Espresso Machine Was Modeled After Porsche’s Flat-Six Engine

Get speedy with a cup of java from this limited-edition beauty.

Super Veloce

Italian manufacturer Super Veloce has released an espresso maker inspired by Porsche’s 993 flat-six, air-cooled engine. Dubbed the Espresso Veloce RS Black Edition, this machine will give a new meaning to calling your morning coffee “fuel.”

Super Veloce

Super Veloce previously crafted a similar machine based on a different model Porsche, but the RS Black is clearly an upgrade. This blacked-out beauty has been constructed with carbon fiber, stainless steel, and titanium. And if you look at this and think the company is aiming squarely at guys, you’re right. 

On their website, Super Veloce even says that the “RS Black Edition is a more aggressive, more masculine all black version that takes” the espresso-making ritual to another level.

Super Veloce

While Super Veloce is perhaps logically banking on there being a huge overlap between Porsche fans and caffeine fiends (their brand name means “Super Fast”), they are only making a limited run of 993 machines. 

The RS Black Edition retails for $11,160 USD. Check out Super Veloce to learn more.