Supercar Maker Lotus Explodes Into the Suberbike Game With The C-01

They’ve been making sick cars for decades, so why not make a sick motorcycle?

Ever since we saw James Bond’s Esprit magically transform into a submarine in The Spy Who Loved Me, we’ve been obsessed with Lotus. The cars built by the British manufacturer always seemed a little too low, a little too angular, a little too awesome to be a part of the real world. Well, now we’re even more obsessed. Having announced last year that they were getting into the motorcycle game, Lotus has now released the first images of the super powerful (200 horses!), incredibly lightweight (399 lbs.!) C-01. Blimey!

Designed by the guy behind the “light bikes” in Tron: Legacy and the bubbleship Tom Cruise piloted in Oblivion, this superbike looks like something right out of your deepest sci-fi fantasies. So, if you have about $140K burning a hole in your savings account, act now (only about 100 are being made) and get on the list via Lotus Motorcycles. We’ll be the guys creepily hanging around outside your garage…

Spec check

Price: $137,450

Engine: 1,195 cc 75-degree V-twin

Weight: 399 lbs.

Horsepower: 200

0-60mph: We can’t wait to find out…

Top speed: Ditto!

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