This Wallet Puts an Entire Survival Arsenal in Your Pocket

This is definitely what MacGuyver’s wallet would look like.

There’s a reason it’s called an EDC — because it’s about always having stuff on hand, even if you don’t (or rarely) plan on using it. The folks at Jackfish Survival have had this in mind the past year, as they created their absurdly resourceful card holder.

For instance, you probably wouldn’t regularly use a signal whistle, water purifier or fire starter, but they’re totally clutch to have along if/when you need ’em. On a more techie note, a micro SD card could store passport info or urgent documents as a backup. But then this handy wallet also stores the hex bit and screw drivers you expect, along with telescoping pen, compass and up to four credit cards.

Although the Kickstarter campaign has already more than doubled its goal and the earlybird is gone, you can still grab one for about $104 ($15 off retail). We’re definitely fans, to say the least. In fact, if it’d caught our attention earlier, it probably would’ve made our best gear of 2015 list.

Photos by Jackfish Survival