Tag Heuer Reimagines The Smartwatch With Connected Calibre E4

Tag unveils 42mm and 45mm versions of latest sporty, high-end smartwatches.

Tag Heuer

Whether you prefer an elegant racing chronograph or an impossibly cool smartwatch that blends classic elegance and futuristic innovation, Tag Heuer is no doubt a trusted source. And on that second point, the Swiss watch brand is merging those two approaches seamlessly through the new Connected Calibre 4, announced today.

Two new, sleek and stylish smartwatches will join the Tag Heuer Connected family, with both joining the ranks of the watchmaker’s Web store and select retailers on March 10th.

That leaves you plenty of time to marvel at the efficiency and style points on display in both the new 42mm Tag Heuer Connected Calibre 4 and the redesigned 45mm edition.

Tag Heuer

The 42mm edition is impressive in several intricate ways, including the fact that the bezel is incorporated under the sapphire glass crystal, and the case itself is also thinner. Like the 45mm iteration, the 42mm edition comes with exclusive watchface options, including a Riverside watchface.

As Tag Heuer says, the Riverside watchface is animated with an immersive futuristic effect of time elapsing,” surely a step up from typical smartwatch dial designs.

While both share many of the same features, including integration with the Tag Heuer Sports app for guidance on fitness routines and workout tracking, the 42mm Connected Calibre E4 clocks in at $1,800, and the 45mm Conected Calibre E4 (in full titanium) will run you $2,550.

Tag Heuer

The base model of the 45mm Connected smartwatch, however, comes with a fittingly sporty rubber strap for $2,050, while the bracelet edition tops out at $2,250.

Each is but a small ‘price to pay for full connectivity and classic Tag Heuer elegance incorporated into a style of watch that typically leans much more sporty than stylish.

Each new watch offers improved battery life (the battery of the 45mm edition in particular lasts 30 percent longer), not to mention lightning-fast Bluetooth connectivity to seamlessly transfer wellness data.

Tag Heuer

And for those used to dealing with a more typical smartwatch, Tag Heuer has drilled down into the small details, specifically honing in on a high-visibility screen contrast that “will remain visible even in strong sunlight.”

The Tag Heuer Connected line of smartwatches has been impressive in its own right since its 2015 debut, and with two new models of the Connected Calibre E4 on the way, you just gained a few more ways to streamline your sporting pursuits in surprising style.