Tag Heuer x Super Mario Digital Watch Collab Celebrates Video Game Icon

The beloved video game character is the star of the luxury watchmaker's latest release.
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Tag Heuer Super Mario Connected (2)

With more than 370 million Super Mario games sold since 1985, Tag Heuer likely has an instant hit in its new collection of digital watches featuring the famed video game franchise's eponymous hero. 

An all-new steel-cased digital Connected watch features different video game reward-style animations as the wearer racks up steps throughout the day. Upon startup, Mario appears to give a welcoming salute, while four more play out as 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% of the daily step target is reached.

Tag Heuer Super Mario Connected (4)

A giant mushroom gives Mario a growth spurt, a green pipe is activated, a Super Star illuminates, and Mario finally ascends the level-ending Goal Pole when the full step count is achieved. 

Tag Heuer Super Mario Connected (1)

Two of the three faces are reskinned using pixelated elements from the princess-saving plumber's appearance in 1985's Super Mario Bros—one with bold red and blue colors inspired by Mario's overalls and shirt, and another with subtler reds inspired by his red cap. A third Orbital watch face sees the neural network replaced by the similar hues rotating within the movement. 

Tag Heuer Super Mario Connected (6)

Other clever Mario references—Easter eggs, if you will—are abound beyond the dial. The bezel graduation, push buttons and crown logo are filled with a lacquered version of the same red. The mushroom, pipe and star symbols also appear at the 3, 6 and 9 o'clock bezel positions, with the Tag shield marking 12 o'clock.

Tag Heuer Super Mario Connected (3)

Two Super Mario edition-exclusive straps adorned with M symbols are included: one dressier black leather band on black rubber, and a sportier option in red perforated rubber. A travel case in Super Mario red rounds out the new release. 

Tag Heuer Super Mario Connected (7)

Limited to 2,000 examples, the Tag Heuer Connected x Super Mario Limited Edition is available at select boutiques and online beginning July 15 for an unspecified price. 

And if you miss out on the first run, you can look forward to more Mario-inspired Tags as the new partnership continues. 

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