The TaylorMade R15 Driver Will Change Your Game (If You Can Actually Hit the Ball)

The R15 driver can be tweaked 2,000 ways—meaning if you still can’t hit the ball right, you suck.  

How much technology can you jam into 460 cubic centimeters of titanium on the end of a stick? TaylorMade plans to find out. With the new R15 driver, the Carlsbad, CA, sporting behemoth has rolled more than a decade of moveable weight and adjustability into what the company calls its “most technologically sophisticated” driver yet.

They ain’t kidding. Two 12.5g sliding weights set in a track behind the clubface offer what might be too many options for increased head stability, decreased ball spin, shot shaping and all around embarrassment mitigation. There’s also a shaft sleeve that can alter the driver’s loft by as much as four degrees—throw in lie and face angle options, and that R15 in your hands can be tweaked more than 1,800 ways.

Resist the urge to curl into a fetal position and cry. Taylormade doesn’t expect anyone to discern the difference between combinations 707 and 708. What they do expect is there isn’t a golfer on earth to whom this driver cannot be fit. And for that, you have to tip your cap—you can’t escape the R15! And why would you want to? All of these bells and lasers make for a supremely solid, powerful driver, with a springy face and “hot” ball feel. You’ll pick up some yards, your drives will probably be straighter. When it comes club technology, nobody can hang with Taylormade. Except, probably, for you. ($429; $499;