Tech Review: Gioteck EX-05 Stereo Headset

Get sworn at by teenage gamers in style.

Get sworn at by teenage gamers in style.

Gioteck EX-05 Stereo Headset, £39.99

What it is:

Okay, so your girlfriend is going to think you’re a bit of a knob as you kneel in front of the telly barking commands like ‘Attack marker Delta Fox 2’. But you, of course, won’t care, because you will be immersed in a death match bubble of stereo sound and online cursing thanks to your military-style EX-05 cans.

Why you need it:

There’s currently a boon of squad shooters marching the gaming parade ground and all are best enjoyed using a decent headset. The Giotek allows you to set ambient in-game noise against your squad’s communications and the torrent of four-letter abuse you get every time some zit-ridden teen frags your hide.

Top tip:

Make sure you employ the headset’s boom microphone when you go into battle, as its sensitive noise-cancelling will make sure your buddies hear your blind panic as you stumble into yet another lead-filled ambush.

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