Ten Campers And Tents That Are Nicer Than Our Apartments

These tents take the rough out of roughing it.

Getting sick of going home to the same four walls? Ditch them for the great outdoors without giving up the finer things.

Solar Powered Tent

If your electric bill makes you want to burn down your house…go for it! Then move into this solar powered tent so you can go Walden on the world without giving up necessities like heat and light.

Glamping Tent

Glamp= Camp+Glamor, we guess, and the ceiling fan seems to confirm it. We don’t know how that’s even possible, but sign us up for two.

Hanging Tents

It may not be bigger than your apartment, and getting frisky in it might deal you a serious bout of nausea when your whole bedroom becomes a sex swing, but it sure beats the hell out of your apartment’s less-than-glorious view of the brick wall next door.

Bubble Trees

Do bears shit in the woods? Well, probably. But if he gets into this tent, you’ll definitely be getting a firsthand answer to that question.

The Opera Camper

Even though it’s designed to mimic the Sydney Opera House, it’s unlikely that an Australian would actually use this – mostly because Australians are infinitely more badass at roughing it than any other culture on the planet.

Marchi Mobile’s Palazzo

Yeah, it’s a palace on wheels. Way to be subtle with the name, Marchi.

The Sealander

It’s a camper AND a boat! And if it sinks, your entire vacation is totally fucked.

The Mehzeller

If a camper slammed full speed into the Bauhaus, it would look like this. Thanks, Austria: You guys are crazy, but we like you.

The Colim Caravan

Taking a page out of the Dark Knight’s playbook, the Colim unhinges to split off a separate car. Sadly, we’re pretty sure the smaller portion of the Colim doesn’t come with deadly cannons or perform acrobatics, but it’s nice to see that Lucius Fox is still overseeing new projects in his retirement.

John Madden’s “Madden Cruiser IV”

Photo by Frank Micelotta/ImageDirect

The last RV for the now-retired King of Obvious was a converted $800,000, 45 foot custom shell, rebuilt to Madden’s own personal specs, including a station to review tapes and a bathroom decked out in cherry wood. Madden retired a while ago, so we’re assuming that this thing will turn up on eBay eventually.

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