This Floating Tent Is the Most Luxurious Way to Rough It

Air camping at its best.

Other people camp on the ground…in campgrounds. But not you. You answer to a higher calling of camping. You camp in the heavens—okay, four feet off the ground. But that’s still way more than most people.

Tentsile has been in the camping game for years, introducing us to their next-level line of suspended tents and hammocks that give the world a whole new perspective. Their newest addition, dubbed the Flite Tree Tent ($350) is no exception to the roster of exceptional camping gear. Weighing less than five pounds, the Flite can suspend you and a babe or two (up to 485 pounds) amongst the trees. It features two doors (watch that first step in the morning), and it’s available in five shades.

This 10-minute video shows how easy it is to set up:

It will be available for pre-order starting December 10th and is expected to ship the first week of 2016.

Photos by Tentsile