The Best Cannabis Accessories To Elevate 4/20

The latest and greatest weed-themed products to raise your cannabis game.

(Photo: Edie Parker Cherry)

It’s a brave new world for cannabis consumption. As legalization spreads in states across the country and around the world, heady smoking accessories and devices are getting lifted by innovation and artistry like never before. Indulge in these cool cannabis accessories designed to make 4/20 a truly high holiday. 

The Godfather VXSL

(Photo: Xiaolin)

Made for those with decadence in mind, the luxe Godfather cannagar is gold-wrapped, glass-tipped, and stuffed with ten grams of premium bud and two grams of concentrate. The Godfather uses a rolling technique that compounds ground flower into a remarkably densely-packed form, allowing the nearly half-ounce cigar to burn for three hours. The Godfather is the heavy hitter of Xiaolin’s lineup, which features other Sopranos-esque offerings like the Cappo, the Goomah and the Bambino. ($700)

Dr. Dabber Switch Vaporizer

(Photo: Dr. Dabber)

Sometimes, pot tech pushes the look of the future better than regular tech does. Dr. Dabber’s Switch vaporizer isn’t just the most tech-forward and efficient vape I’ve seen with water cooling and a powerful punch, it’s a trip to use, especially once operation becomes second-nature enough to enjoy in the dark. ($299.95)

Edie Parker Glass Fruit Pipes

(Photo: Edie Parker)

Edie Parker’s entire line of smoking accessories are gorgeous and delicate, recalling the colorful psychedelia of a bygone time with modern edge. Their Glass Fruit Pipe line includes options for Cherry, Banana, Grape, Orange and Strawberry and might be the best example of the playful approach they bring to cannabis accessories. ($95-$115)

Rythm Queen Cola

(Photo: RYTHM)

No, this is not a soft drink. The cola is the prized central flower cluster of the cannabis plant where the resin is most concentrated and Rythm is doing a limited drop timed to April 20. The Queen Colas are individually packaged examples of the lustworthy 14-ish gram stalk that will be a crowd pleaser when rolled, packed or posed with on Instagram. ($120)

‘Cannabis: Evolution and Ethnobotany’ Book

(Photo: Amazon)

History buffs and stoners alike will find fascinating tidbits on humanity’s favorite herb in this comprehensive book tracing cannabis through the ages. From its cultural to scientific impacts, there’s no better time to become acquainted with the significance of the plant than now, as we reach a renaissance of one of the world’s most versatile plants. ($30)

Tyson 2.0 x Royal Queen Seeds

(Photo: Royal Queen)

Royal Queen makes auto-flowering and feminized seeds that take the guesswork out of home-growing. Their latest is a collaboration with Mike Tyson’s cannabis brand, Tyson 2.0, offering six of Iron Mike’s signature strains in seed form for private gardens across the country. Online ordering and free shipping is available and the seeds come in packs of up to ten each. ($11-$114)

Hemper Bowlman Lantern Bong

(Photo: Hemper)

Hemper is another cannabis company doing amazing things with glass. Many of their offerings are the straightforward utility pieces that will deliver an excellent smoking sesh every time, but their product line has expanded into upgrading everyday items. Their Bowlman Lantern Bong is a perfect example of this, maintaining its identity as a bong that can rip like a champ, but also nailing the aesthetic details of a classic camping lantern. ($199.99

HousePlant Record Holder Ash Tray

(Photo: HousePlant)

Seth Rogen’s stylish cannabis accessories company keeps creating interesting collectibles for discerning stoners. Their latest, the Record Holder Ash Tray, maintains the quality in terms of both materials and design. The removable glass ash tray with joint-holder can double as a vase or candy dish that’ll make sure that handful of Skittles is never out of reach. The record holder can handle single or box-set vinyl, so tunes are also at the ready. ($150)

The Chalice by Xiaolin 

(Photo: Xiaolin)

Xiaolin’s new Chalice is a tabletop vaporizer that turns their live resin into a potable in a true chalice that can be raised for a toast before you get toasted. It might be a while before these luxe vapes make it into nightclub VIP rooms, but it’s probably only a matter of time. ($220)

Wynk THC Seltzer 

(Photo: Wynk)

Available in Black Cherry Fizz, Lime Twist, Tangerine and Juicy Mango flavors, Wynk Seltzer delivers a fast-acting THC buzz in a refreshingly fizzy beverage that’s a worthy alternative to boozy seltzers. Wynk sells six-packs of 2.5 mg 7.5 ounce cans and 5 mg 12 ounce cans, and also offers a tasty variety pack. $24.99-$129.99)

Vessel Ash All-In-One

(Photo: Vessel)

Vessel’s Ash All-In-One is an ashtray, storage compartment and home for the brand’s other products like the supercooling Helix one-hitter and the Carbon lighter. It’s a useful, elegant, and incognito way to keep all your weed necessities within reach and out of sight. ($150)

Banana Brothers Gold Otto Auto Roller

(Photo: Banana Brothers)

Rolling your own can be fun, but it’s hard to argue with how easy and quick it is to use a rolling machine and the Banana Brothers gold Otto Auto Roller is among the best-looking and most functional rollers out there. The self-contained unit takes full nugs and turns them into ready-to-smoke cones in seconds without making a mess and looks snazzy sitting on a shelf. ($199.99)

CuraLeaf x B Noble

(Photo: B Noble)

For those who prefer to put their recreational indulgences in line with their social activism, B Noble—started by hip-hop pioneer Fab Five Freddy—donates 10% of proceeds to organizations that are actively ending cannabis criminalization and creating a path forward for those who suffered under cannabis criminalization. Plus, weed tastes better when it does some good in the world. That’s just science. ($25)

Matt Merkel Hess Potato Head Ashtray

(Photo: Matt Merkel Hess)

When art and smoking mix, this ashtray is the result. It’s the kind of functional sculpture that might have existed in Andy Warhol’s factory if legalization had taken place in the swinging 1960s. The offbeat style and intense colorways make it an unmissable conversation piece that’s a great addition to any smoking lair. ($200)

Puffco Ripple+Proxy Kit

(Photo: Puffco)

Puffco continues to innovate the cannabis space with new ways to use their excellent Proxy vape. The Ripple is a sleek and sturdy addition to the ecosystem with stylish lines and a gorgeous color that also delivers hard hits without being harsh, thanks to the water-cooled system. ($349)

P3 Infused Pre-Roll Blunt

(Photo: P3)

Pre-Roll joints get a lot of love but their thicker cousin, the blunt, can be comparatively underrated. Skip the trip to the corner store for a vanilla Dutchmaster and pick up a P3 infused pre-roll blunt. Packing two grams and a glass tip, it’s a satisfying smoke and the infused with either banana or sour lemon terpenes add an extra level of flavor that anyone who loves a flavored blunt wrap will appreciate. ($40)

Pure Beauty GSD

(Photo: Pure Beauty)

Natural Natural is working to popularize their proprietary THC-V strain that’s aimed to energize while still being psychoactive. Partnering with Pure Beauty, Natural Natural’s strain GSD, aka Get Shit Done, is meant for everything from working out to all-day music festivals and is being positioned as a caffeine alternative, though it might be more of a complement to a morning cup of coffee than a replacement…for now. ($15)

OCB x HousePlant Rolling Papers

(Photo: Houseplant)

What do you get when you take a 106-year-old rolling paper company’s skills at making meticulous and sustainable rolling papers and mix it with a top cannabis lifestyle brand? Some of the best papers on the market, that’s what. The Houseplant x OCB collab makes excellent rolling papers offered in brown rice, bamboo and other varieties. ($4)