This New Hoodie Does Everything But Drink Your Beer for You

Avoiding party fouls one jacket at a time.

The Drinking Jacket 2.0 (Courtesy of The Drinking Jacket)

The Party Foul Paradox: Hold your beer in your hands, you’re juggling too much and likely to spill it; put it down somewhere and you’re chancing some other dude knocking into and spilling it. So, as the wise Zen philosopher Basho once wrote, how do you hold your beer without holding it? Simple: The Drinking Jacket.

Already heard of it? Not surprising, since this is the 2.0 version, with nicer fabric, new colors and (for the, ahem, hefty tailgater) more generous sizing. Like the original, its most useful features are a bottle-opening zip puller, thumb-holed wrist cuffs to better hold it when you’re taking a sip and a neoprene-lined pocket to hold your beer when you’re not. But it’s also got a sunglasses holder, inner flask pouch and other secret pockets.

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Truth be told, beyond all that fiesta-friendly functionality, it’s actually a handsome, super-comfy hoodie. In or out of a party, we seem to get compliments every time we wear it. But that could also be because we seem so cool, calm and collected when not trying to balance a beer, food and phone all at the same time.