The DX-12 Punisher Is A Double-Barreled Shotgun Pistol From The Future

Totally badass.

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Credit: Ivan Santic

Drawing inspiration from Glock’s styling, the DX-12 snubnose double-barrel shotgun concept from HARDWAR3 Industries is an interesting take on the shotty category. Just looking at it informs why creator Ivan Santic dubbed it “The Punisher.”

Credit: Ivan Santic

The DX-12 is a wild concept that seems well thought out from the 3D mock up on his page. The futuristic DX-12 looks more like an upgrade for Call of Duty or something The Terminator might use to blow away baddies than anything you might buy in a gun shop, but the lethally cool styling is impressive nonetheless.

(Photo: Ivan Santic)

The laws of physics might be the biggest drawback to the DX-12. The short, pistol-style barrel found here, coupled with 12-gauge shells would have some serious recoil that would need to be addressed if this ever saw a production run. 

Until then, Glock should sit up and take notice of Santic’s design if they ever decide to pursue a shotgun/pistol hybrid.