Work Literally Anywhere With This Folding Personal Desk

Goodbye slouching, hello productivity.
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The Edge all-in-one folding desk and chair

The Edge all-in-one folding desk and chair (Photo: Edge Desk LLC)

Get your ass off the sofa. That mushy, cushy couch is not a good place to work for any extended period. Although it is a perfectly acceptable place under which to store The Edge, a fantastic foldable workstation that integrates a simple adjustable desk and kneeling chair.

Once you've set the height and tilt to your liking, you're ready to work. Or if you're one of those creative types, swivel the desktop vertically into easel mode.

Having nothing to do with U2's lead guitarist, this versatile home office furniture got its name for the fact that a special groove around the edge will allow you to add various optional accessories—lights, cups, speakers, mobile devices and more—that will also fold flat with the rest of the unit.

Although this Kickstarter campaign launched less than 24 hours ago and is already off to a great start, the super early bird ($249, half off the retail price) still appears to be available. So we recommend you hop on it.

[In the spirit of full disclosure, this post was written entirely while sitting cross-legged on a couch. We're ashamed and slightly uncomfortable. But at least we'll sleep okay at night, knowing we've been honest.]