Renders of The 2019 Motorola Razr Reveal Ultra-Thin Foldable Smartphone

It could be the best look yet at a real game-changer for foldable phones.

Sarang Sheth / Yanko Design

Prior to the release of the iPhone the coolest communication device you could tuck in your pocket was probably the Motorola Razr. Sure, BlackBerries ruled the business world and could do more than a regular cell, but come on—the Razr looked slick.

Thing is, it’s coming back. All signs pointing to Motorola jumping into the foldable smartphone game feet first with a new Razr—one that will conveniently fold for tucking in pockets only to unfold to your average smartphone size once you take it out. 

Sarang Sheth / Yanko Design

Renders by Sarang Sheth for Yanko Design have been circulating online as the best representations of what the new Razr will look like, as Yanko Design says Sheth based his images on leaked patent images. 

Motorola, for its part, is pretty quiet about the new Razr, but it hasn’t denied anything, either. 

Sarang Sheth / Yanko Design

And if Sheth was even half-right in his depictions of the end-product, this might be the iPhone-killer so many have been looking for. 

The biggest problem right now is so much that is known about the phone has come from potentially unreliable leaks. A few basic, important facts seem solid, though, so here’s some of what we can expect once this device is ready to go:

  • The Wall Street Journal says it’ll definitely be a high-end competitor, costing $1500.
  • It’ll have the iconic Razr design and open to reveal a foldable OLED display.
  • According to some developers, the Razr will have 4GB of RAM with 64GB of storage. Another model will sport 6GB of RAM and 128GB of space.
  • Most interesting of all, it’s likely due date: Sometime before July 2019. 

That’s not nearly specific enough, we know—and given the problems Samsung has already experienced with its Galaxy Fold, it’s not improbable to think Motorola might decide some extra testing is worth it to avoid a future marketing fiasco. 

Another strong rumor indicates the 2019 Razr will only be available to Verizon customers and quite possibly in a relatively limited run of just 200,000 units.

Interest in the resurrection of the Razr seems to be growing at a steady rate. If it even matches most expectations, it might be that rare thing: a legitimate game-changer in the smartphone arena.