The Rock’s Motivational Alarm Clock App Is Here To Change Your Life

And there ain’t no snooze button.

The Rock will motivate you to wake each day

“From this historic day forward – I’m waking your ass up;).” So started The Rock’s Instagram post Monday morning. Yes, it’s historic in the sense that it’s the big man’s 44th birthday. But the Ballers star wants to make it historic for you as well, as the day you download The Rock Clock app (for free on Android and iOS) and kiss your excuses goodbye.

No more sleeping in. And no snooze button. The Rock will make sure you’re not only up—using video messages and over two dozen custom alarm tones featuring him actually singing and playing guitar—but that you’re focused and inspired to reach your goals.

Oh, and if you’re feeling bold enough, you can even set the app to synch with The Rock’s own phone and wake up exactly when he does. 

By the way, he gets up at 4am every damn day. So you either better give it everything you’ve got, or hope you’re three to six timezones east of wherever he happens to be rising to rock out.