The Sonos Ace Is The Audio Brand’s First Bluetooth Over-Ear Headphones

The steel-and-leather headphones promises “hyperrealistic sound from every direction.”


The quest for a truly perfect listening experience feels (and sounds) never-ending, but within that realm, improvements are always possible. Sonos is carrying on that quest with its first foray into the world of Bluetooth headphones, debuting the Sonos Ace in stylish fashion.


Sonos bills the Ace, available now for pre-order, as “obsessively crafted and masterfully tuned,” and they’re packed with specs that truly drive home a better listening experience.

The Sonos Ace is tuned for both spatial audio and lossless audio (never miss a note or a beat), and Active Noise Cancelling technology helps you hone in on your favorite tunes.


The audio-obsessed brand notes that each custom-designed component provides the “highest-fidelity” audio available, using dynamic drivers to reduce distortion and sound loss.


Ported acoustic architecture was engineered to deliver deep and rich bass, while dynamic head tracking ensures “hyperrealistic sound from every direction.”

A luxurious stainless steel headband, padded out with soft vegan leather, provides durability and a sturdy touch, yet Sonos notes the headphones were also engineered for a light-as-air feel when being worn.

Wear testing, from the listening experience itself to a design engineered for compatibility with heads of all shapes and sizes, was meticulous and precise, right down to being easily wearable alongside glasses and other accessories.

Even the use of contrasting inner colors on the ear cups, all the better to know which side matches which ear, delivers the sonic experience audiophiles crave.


Smart sensing technology even pauses the headphones automatically when removed, and the headphones can also be paired via Bluetooth with two different devices.

For good measure, these ultra-luxe headphones can charge up for three hours of usage in just three minutes. And audio also shifts seamlessly from one Sonos device (like a TV soundbar) to your headphones when the Ace is activated.

If it seems like Sonos thought of everything with the carefully crafted Sonos Ace, it’s because, well, they very nearly did.

Pre-order a fully revamped, immersive listening experience for $449 at Sonos.