These Ridiculous Rocket Skates Are Just Plain Wrong

Even Wile E. Coyote wouldn’t like ’em.

Just as flying squirrels don’t really fly and hoverboards don’t really hover, Acton’s R5 RocketSkates ($399) don’t really feature rockets. They are, however, interesting-looking skates. So let’s take a look at them.

After a 90-minute charge, they can supposedly go up to 7 MPH with a top range of five miles. As compared to an “actual” hoverboard, which takes a fifth the time to power up and goes more than twice as fast and twice as far.

Based on our personal experience with an earlier model a couple of years ago at the Consumer Electronics Show, they’re awkward to use and suffer from a steeper learning curve than either front- or side-facing self-balancing scooters—or for that matter, inline skates that actually provide exercise. To make matters worse, they’re controlled with either a remote or an app on your phone. Trust us, you’ll want to have your hands free.

So they’re not as easy or stable as hoverboards—which are already on shaky ground themselves as it is—or as futuristic as these fun-looking skates. And in the end, not only will they not help you catch The Roadrunner, but these rocket skates just seem awkward all around.

Photos by Acton Inc