These Magic Sheets Automatically Adjust to Your Body’s Temperature

Meet winter’s best friend.

Wanna keep things hot in the bedroom…or cool…or whatever’s the opposite of what you are? Check out Hammacher Schlemmer’s temperature self-regulating Portugeese flannel sheets ($120 for queen, $140 for king). Using fancy space-age polymers, they automatically adjust to the right temperature.

To be honest, we’re not exactly sure how they work, but we tried them and they do. When we were cold, they instantly felt warming. And no matter how hard we tried, we never overheated in them.

Just to be clear, there’s nothing electronic about them. They don’t have any sensors or embedded tubing. They’re just super soft and cozy sheets. And we’ll be more than happy to remove them from our bed…right around the end of March.

Photos by Hammacher Schlemmer & Company