This Tiny Arcade Puts 300 Games in the Palm of Your Hand

Get your arcade gaming fix, anywhere.

Retro Arcade Machine X (Photo: ThinkGeek)

Are you on board for the retro gaming craze, but the ultimate, 50K game home arcade system is just too much for you? That’s fine—after all, the upcoming mini consoles from Sega and Nintendo do offer a simple setup, a decent selection of built-in games and almost laughably low price points.

But hey, maybe you can fully satisfy your 80s gaming needs with an even smaller package that costs even less: ThinkGeek’s little 5 1/2-inch high Retro Arcade Machine X is just $25, and comes pre-loaded with 300 action, combat, puzzle, racing, sports and strategy games.

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With a 2.5-inch full color display touting 16-bit graphics, 4-way joystick, illuminated A and B buttons, and a rear speaker with four sound levels, you just need to pop a few batteries into this palm-sized arcade and you’re good to go.

Since sadly that one appears to be out of stock at the moment, we’ll also mention a similarly fun offering from Tiny Arcades (as shown in the above video), which enjoyed a successful Kickstarter campaign and began shipping in May.

They offer a DIY kit that you snap together for $60, a preassembled version for $75 and a high-end 3D-printed model for $150. The first two are available in wood, as well as black or clear acrylic.

The biggest differences between this little guy and the above one from ThinkGeek is that this one’s got a rechargeable and (although it comes preloaded with some games) you can upload additional games to it via USB or microSD card.

Also, you can also buy stickers for the sides, along with other accessories for it. So in other words, it’s for the truly geeky retro gamer.