This Handsome Cast Iron Dutch Oven Is An Instant Cookware Upgrade

The versatile pot is entirely hand enameled, made from high-performance cast iron and features a snazzy brass knob.

(Made In)

Upstart kitchenware brand Made In recently launched its first-ever Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven after several years of development, and this undeniably pretty pot is sure to elevate your cookware game.

Designed to simmer soups and stews, braise meats, fry chicken and bake bread, among other uses, the versatile dutch oven naturally possesses cast iron’s unrivaled heat retention and durability.

(Made In)

Made in a factory in Northeast France that’s been producing world-class enameled cast iron since the 1920s, the limited edition pot is entirely hand enameled and constructed from high-performance cast iron.

(Made In)

The cast iron beauty notably features a navy blue body, black enameled interior, and a bronze knob that makes it an eye-catching centerpiece of any stovetop. It’s also available in a special edition red hue as well.

Looking to add to your cast iron collection or simply score a quality dutch oven? Order this $199 looker, and, while you’re at it, check out Made In’s chef-approved dutch oven recipes and their 4-piece kitchen knife set.