This Italian Leather Backpack Sports GPS Tracking and Its Own Wi-Fi Hotspot

Techie meets Tuscany in this groundbreaking bag.

A tech-minded

We’ve been fans of This Is Ground ever since they brought us the simple, snazzy and useful Cord Taco solution for wrangling various devices’ wires. Now they’ve taken the leap into the world of backpacks with Venture, a similarly stylish-yet-practical organizational tool for mobile folks like yourself.

Made from vegetable-tanned Italian leather, it’s soft but durable. And it’s got all the pockets you’d expect to keep your phone, tablet and laptop, sunglasses, pens and other travel necessities in place. But it’s also hiding a couple of secrets.

First, it’s got a Tile stowed away, a small device that uses an app and your phone’s GPS to track the backpack anywhere it goes in the world. (Especially handy if you and it become separated in an unscheduled way.) Optionally, it can also come with Karma, your own personal pay-as-you-go Wi-Fi hotspot, which adds data to your account when you let others use it to get online. (You know…karma, dude.)

Great organization, built-in GPS tracking and Wi-Fi
Great organization, built-in GPS tracking and Wi-Fi (Photo: This Is Ground)

Available in five organic colors, from Bomber to Charcoal, the Venture Backpack costs $925 with the hotspot or $750 without. It’s also available in a Mini version that’s not much less than the regular one. 

So, why not just venture the extra $25 and get all the storage you need?