This Seiko Dress Watch Celebrates One of World’s Best Cocktail Bars

We’ll drink to that.


Inspiration tends to come in droves for Seiko, with some of its 2021 releases qualifying as the best luxury watches of the year, and more on the way in 2022. What exactly looms on the horizon (and potentially, on your wrist)?

The Seiko Presage Cocktail Time Star Bar is worth keeping an eye on ahead of its February 2022 release, with all the refined inspiration you’d expect from one of the world’s foremost watch brands.

What makes this watch tick, literally and figuratively? This lovely and refined automatic watch joins the company’s Star Bar series and draws inspo from the famed Star Bar in Tokyo’s Ginza District, renowned for its houjou cocktail. 

The “Houjou,” dreamed up by Star Bar owner Hisashi Kishi, uses famed Japanese sake from the jaw-dropping Japanese countryside, and the watch itself incorporates plenty of like-minded design elements. 


The bar itself frequently lands on lists of the world’s best bars, and this watch is a fitting complement to globetrotting adventures and the art of crafting a fine cocktail. The patterned, golden-colored dial evokes the dynamism of your favorite drink (preferably the houjou when visiting Ginza), as the design calls to mind Japan’s golden, oft-rolling countryside. 

A see-through caseback and limited-edition marking, plus a unique serial number, drives home the precision and one-of-a-kind care that goes into this watch, which is outfitted with a Seiko Caliber 4R35 automatic movement for precise accuracy and surprising affordability.

The diameter is a just-right 40.5mm, the sort of watch size that should prove elegant and tailored on most wrists, especially when worn with a worsted wool suit upon its February 2022 release. 

The handsome brown leather strap will pair nicely with your favorite handcrafted brown leather dress shoes for every dressy occasion you can possibly dream up. Despite the limited-edition nature, this watch is actually highly affordable: It’ll clock in at just $495 online at Seiko’s Web site. 

We can’t promise you that you’ll be able to experience the majesty of a life-changing cocktail any time soon at Star Bar in Tokyo, but this eye-catching watch just might be the next best thing. Mark your calendars for February and be sure one of the limited 5,500 units ends up on your wrist.