This Titanium MB&F Watch With a Complex Perpetual Calendar Costs $176,0000

The six-figure dream watch is always on time courtesy of its “mechanical processor.”


Of the many luxury Swiss watchmakers, MB&F models stand separate from the competition with crazy, head-spinning designs that appear far too complicated to withstand stress and supercar-sized prices. The new Legacy Machine Perpetual Engine EVO, however, is a time-keeping titan.


As the name suggests, this is an evolution of the LM Perpetual watch first launched in 2015. The 44mm diameter remains, but the case is now bezel-less and made of titanium. This required the sapphire crystal dome’s dimensions to be recalculated before being thermally bonded it to the metal. The removal of a bezel simplifies the busy design, putting focus on face’s various components and MB&F hovering balance wheel.

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The other core feature retained is the perpetual calendar. A “mechanical processer” comprised of superimposed discs sets the default number of days at 28, and then automatically adds extras as required month-to-month.


This fool-proof system is superior to traditional 31-day-default perpetual watches, which quickly skip through extra days and are therefore susceptible to damage when the date is set manually. For the LM Perpetual EVO, the calendar’s circular pushers have been upgraded to oblong actuators for increased tactility.

A first for MB&F is 80 meters of water resistance, enabled by its screw-down crown. And new to the LM Perpetual Evo is the FlexRing, a stainless steel dampener fitted between the case and movement to increase shock protection along vertical and lateral axes. These features make for the “most robust MB&F machine to date,” the brand says.


Priced at $176,000, the MB&F LM Perpetual EVO is limited to 20 pieces per year.