Three Pour-Over Machines to Amp Up Your Morning Coffee

These produce a brew as full-bodied as Sofia Vergara.

Ask any barista or au courant coffee fiend: the pour-over brewing method brings out the best in your beans. But the process, which entails slowly saturating grounds with precisely boiled water poured in a circular motion and waiting for the coffee to slowly seep into a cup below, requires a patience many don’t possess. Thankfully, a new crop of automatic machines recreate the magic of the process with the push of a button. They handle all the neurotic little details — from water temperature to grounds saturation  —  so that by the time you’re out of the shower you’ll be met with a carafe of cafe-caliber brew. Here are our top three: 

The Ratio

Thanks to its 1400-watt element, the wood-accented, die-cast aluminum Ratio heats water to 195-205-degrees — the ideal range to coax the most from your coffee bean — and features a simple, single button operation. The brewer, which makes up to eight cups at a time, will be available this summer. Pre-orders start now. $480;

Kitchen Aid Pour-Over Brewer 

It may look like it was yanked from a seventies-era but this machine is as modern as they come. The SCAA (yes, theres a coffee board) approved brewer the showers grounds with water boiled to exactly 200-degrees and even pre-wets the grounds to jump-start the flavor-extraction process. Settings for everything from roast-style to cup-size help would-be-baristas better dial in the brewing. $180; 

Chemex Ottomatic

An automatic machine from the company behind the iconic, hourglass-shaped manual maker, the Ottomatic is made to coddle your beans. It heats water between 197.6F-204.8F (the industry standard), pre-wets the grounds, pauses to ensure they’re properly steeped, and uses a pulsing sprayhead that bathes the grounds. And of course, it accommodates all sizes of the classic glass carafe. $350;