Tint Condition

Goodbye multi-lens goggles. Using military-grade technology, the Uvex Snowstrike VT goggle changes tint with the push of a button.

The ideal snow goggles let you see clearly in any conditions. The problem, however, is that a single lens can’t contain every tint and most pairs resort to using a quick-change lens system, which makes tricky to swap out lenses on the fly. They also require you to carry variously tinted extras in your pocket that inevitably get scratched, cracked, or left behind on the ski lift. The Uvex VT is the first goggle to let you change tint on the fly. Stocking the same tech used by air force pilots, the eye wear features a dual lens with liquid crystal technology that lets you choose tint the touch of a button (there’s also a hands-free mode that adjusts shade automatically). The transition happens in seconds thanks to an embedded sensor that recognizes changes in light. We wore the goggles for three days of runs at Breckenridge and the trickle-down Top Gun tech let us quickly adapt to everything from clear skies to conveyor belt clouds without any issue. As much as we love goggles with heads up display fighter pilot tech, the Snowstrike VT looks to be the future of snow tech. [$499; uvex-sports.com]