The Tivoli Audio Revive Is a Speaker, Lamp and Wireless Charger All In One

Upgrade your desk game.


So, you think you’ve got your work-from-home set-up all figured out these days? Think again, because it just got even more crucial to have your gear in proper order for fall and winter days — you’re going to be spending even more time indoors (sorry, we went there), so why not be efficient about it? That’s where the Tivoli Audio Revive comes into play, and although it might look like a humble Bluetooth speaker, it’s got way more to offer than you could ever dream up.

To wit: The Tivoli Audio Revive is three things all at once: That ever-critical Bluetooth speaker, topped off with a lamp for your home office, and then all finished off with charging capability via both a charging pad or USB slots. If it sounds too good to be true, just know that the brand really has found a way to pull it all off.


The Bluetooth speaker sound quality is clear and crisp, at once booming and warm, yet nuanced. That’s the case whether you prefer a classic indie rock reissue by The Replacements or the latest musical stylings of the Billboard Top 40, and it’s going to make your home office that much cooler (and better-sounding, for that matter). The Tivoli Audio Revive is the sort of home office upgrade you didn’t know you needed, but with the sort of functionality that it literally brings to the table, you might wonder how you ever got by without it (especially if you’re prone to draining your phone battery or working long hours in less-than-optimal light).


Better still? It retails for a hair under $250, the right price for a 3-in-1 device that adds some serious style to your den. The handsome, refined Tivoli Audio Revive also offers you three ways to customize your design (we’re partial to the Walnut and Grey combination), and that’s only a small part of the fun. The brand hasn’t cut any corners here, and we think you’ll be start to feel the same way once you add it to your sharply dialed-in office set-up. And when you’re off-duty, it’s right there to provide the proper tunes as you mix up a fall-appropriate Old Fashioned. Can’t argue with that logic, right?