Unleash Your Inner Viking with This Rough and Ready Axe

Gimli would approve.

The tough

In lieu of esoteric magic spells or a swift bow and arrow to fend off the unruly hoards, a sturdy axe is your weapon of choice. And TOPS Knives’ Vi Ax (“Vi” short for “Viking” and “Ax” short for, well, “Axe”) is a worthy choice to wield. It’s great whether defending Middle Earth or just chopping wood around the campsite.

From its curved 5 1/4-inch head to a threatening double-edged spike, the whole thing is made from a solid slab of tough, impact-resistant steel. So the last thing in the world you need to do is baby it. Go ahead and whack away.

Even fully sheathed it looks pretty badass (Photo: TOPS Knives)
Even fully sheathed it looks pretty badass (Photo: TOPS Knives)

Black linen Micarta on its long, curvy handle gives it plenty of grip. And a fine black leather sheath with dual snaps rounds out the package.

Unless you’re the kind of badass who makes his own blades, this is the durable, all-purpose ax for you. It’s currently available on their site for $264, before the optional polished blade ($10) or black handle O-rings ($7) you may want.