Say Hello to the World’s Most Customizable Headphones

These quick-switching ‘phones pack a powerful punch.

You don’t have just one mood, or listen to just one style of music. But unfortunately, most headphones can’t keep up with that sonic variability. They may be good for home or travel; or at one genre, but not another. Torque Audio’s t402v customizable headphones excel everywhere.

The earpads—which stay in place magnetically—are easily removable. So in seconds you can transform them from over-ear headphones (good for stationary listening) to on-ear (better for moving around). That alone would make them worthy of considering, but they have an even better trick up their dynamic sleeves…

Each earpad has four color-coded equalization settings. So if you feel like bumping the bass up (or down) for particular tracks, you can simply rotate the earpad and stick it right back on. It goes from fairly flat (the black setting) to pretty beefy (yellow). The changes are subtle and incremental in between (blue and red), but noticeable. And truthfully, these headphones sound great on every setting. It’s just a matter of fine tuning them to your taste at that moment.

Although their successful Kickstarter campaign already closed out, you can still pre-order them on the Torque site for 20 percent off their $400 list price with coupon code t402v_preorder. They’re expected to ship the first week in November—which according to our clocks is next week. So don’t dilly-dally!

Photos by Torque Audio