Toys for Boys

Water blasters, floating robot bartenders and a musical brick. It’s summer gadgets, Maxim-style!

Beach, backyard, or pool—be the master of your chosen summer domain with one of these lust-worthy objects.

Cannon Baller

Easily one of the best inventions of the ’90s (who cares about the Internet?), the Nerf Super Soaker has always put the competition to shame. The 2011 model takes the pumping action a step further with the Hydro Cannon. It’s like bringing a gun to a knife fight! (Note: Do not try bringing this to a knife fight.) $25,

Wet Bar

What do you get if you cross a remote-control boat with a tray of cocktails? The catchily named Remote Control Snack and Drink Pool Float! It’s guaranteed to cause hours of amuse­-

ment as you constantly propel your friends’ drinks just out of reach of their pruny, grasping fingers. $55,

Jam Master

Cut the cord on your iPod dock. With the Jawbone Jambox Wireless Speaker, tunes from your iPod or smartphone get beamed by magic…or osmosis…or tele­kinesis (OK, via Bluetooth) to the brick-size speaker system for vacation-friendly portable beats. Much less annoying to other people than your bongos. $200,

Board to Death

Sleep through the early-morning waves and still get gnarly action with the B-Side. Hyperlite team rider JD Webb’s latest design is built for more speed, a smoother release, and maximum durability on sliders. Surf’s up, brah! $400,