This Awesome Hi-Tech Grill and Smoker Combo Can Be Remote Controlled Via Smartphone

It’s the ultimate grill for those who want to chill.

Image: Traeger via Hi Consumption

Being the designated grill master at your next cookout no longer has to mean you’re stuck eyeballing sizzling meats over a burning-hot grill. Now you can cook and smoke your favorite animal proteins via smartphone with this high-tech new BBQ/smoker combo. 

Photo: Traeger via Hi Consumption

The Traeger Timberline Smart Grill is an all-in-one smoker, grill and convection oven that allows you to control grill temperatures, set timers and create custom cook cycles all with a smartphone app and the grill’s built-in WiFIRE technology. (See what they did there?)

Traeger’s Super Smoke mode used in combination with the TRU Convection system circulates pure, blue smoke in, around and throughout your choice of meat, helping you serve up some your beloved barbecue 20 percent faster than non-convection methods. 

Photo: Traeger via Hi Consumption

And it does it all without running up your electric bill. It uses 300 watts of power to reach its initial cooking temperature and 50 watts thereafter to maintain heat levels. 

Choose between the 1300 or 800 cubic inches of grill space with two different models, which retail for $2,000 and $1,700, to get what’s surely the highest-tech BBQ on the block. 

h/t: Hi Consumption