The Trailer For The New Final Fantasy Proves It’s Actually Happening

Get ready for a twisted road trip with the strangest boy band you’ve ever seen. 

The new Final Fantasy game is coming out…. some time. But, at the very least, it now has a pretty kickass trailer. Scenes from a road trip with the strangest boy band of all time punctuate a trailer filled with gigantic baddies, some very cool graphics, and, of course, the ability to summon swords and other magical weapons at your whim. 

Here’s the full trailer, which was released at Jump Festa 2015 this weekend:

No word at all on the release date, but considering this title was originally set to debut on Playstation 3, we’re holding off on committing to any console purchases until we know whether this will come out on Playstation 5 or Oculus Rift 2.