These See-Through Speakers Are a Stylish Audio Upgrade

Made from an aluminum uniframe and tempered glass, they’re a transparent treat.

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Transparent Sound

Transparent Sound

Transparent Sound is a Scandinavian tech firm and their new product lives up to their name.  It is a clear speaker supported by a one-piece aluminum frame and enclosed inside tempered glass panels.

Called (of course) the “Small Transparent Speaker,” it’s a marvel of simplicity, electronics focused entirely on the technology at its core. Basically, it is designed to do its job and blend beautifully into the background.

Transparent Sound

It has on-board Bluetooth and Wi-Fi with the added ability to handle new tech as that becomes available. This means it’s modular in what might be considered an old-fashioned way: rather than buying an entirely new speaker, you can simply replace certain parts as needed.

It also has something called True Wireless pairing—it can essentially team up with additional speaker units for fuller, more in-depth sound. Even better: The Small Transparent Speaker will play well with just about any Sonos system configuration.

There are two sizes: a small version that costs $550, and its big brother, which sells for $1100 (USD).