Relax In Style With This Tubmarine Wood-Fired Hot Tub

No electricity needed.

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For some, ironically, hot tubs can conjure images of snow and ski trips, because chilling in a hot tub is a treat that feels especially indulgent when it’s cold out. 

With the Tubmarine wood-fired hot tub you could set up an experience anywhere you want as long as there’s plenty of wood. These eco-friendly tubs don’t even need electricity. 


Tubmarine is a UK company that offers a 25-year guarantee on its product, which is built using recyclable materials, including corrosion-resistant stainless steel, Kebony wood imported from Norway, and wood-fired water heaters from Finland. 


According to Tubmarine creators, the hot tub “heats up in under two hours, requires no electricity and is easy to maintain, allowing you more time to relax and unwind.” And in case you’re wondering how many unwinding folks can luxuriate in this wood-fired beauty, Uncrate reports that it “can fit up to four adults comfortably.” 

If interested, contact Tubmarine via their website. The hot tubs cost approximately $20,000 and up.